Is Coca Cola's Newest Flavour 'Dreamworld' coming to Singapore?

Tasty Snack Asia - Singapore Coca-Cola's Creations - Coca-Cola Dreamworld Collaboration WIth Tomorrowland and DreamX


We've tried Coca-Cola's Starshine, and the newly landed Coca-Cola's Marshmello collaboration recently, and now Coca-Cola's back with a new soda flavour, Dreamworld. Concluding a yearlong effort of serving us abstract flavours of the Creations line. If you're a dreamer, you can't miss out on this. While you can't find any of the Coca-Cola's Creation Dreamworld in Southeast Asia yet, many have claimed it tastes like Cotton Candy.



Ever wondered what dreams taste like? You'll find out, thanks to Coca-Cola Dreamworld which launched in August 15 2022. The whimsical packaging is complete with an AR music experience created in collaboration in with Tomorrowland.

While the drink is only available in North America, fans from all over the world can experience the suite of immersive digital music experience. They can also download an exclusive Dreamworld-inspired fashion collection in partnership with DRESSX for the metaverse.

Tag us with your review or if you find one available in Southeast Asia.