20 Employee's Birthday Celebration Ideas At The Workplace

Employee appreciation is one of the many important things that employers should adopt in their workplace. From improving morale and team bonds, employees will feel valued being a member of the team. Celebrating their birthday is a simple and effective way to show your appreciation for them. Here are some birthday celebration ideas to inspire!


Why Should You Celebrate an Employee's Birthday?

Birthday celebrations are such an exciting and important moment for many individuals. Here are some reasons why the company must celebrate their employee's birthday:

  1. Improve Employee Engagement
  2. Increase Motivation
  3. Build Solid Team Work


Employee Birthday Celebration Ideas

Here are some ideas for an employee birthday celebration in the office for your inspiration:

Gift card

Woman giving pink envelope to someone

There is a misconception that gift cards are convenient gifts that require no thoughtfulness.  Gift cards unlock endless possibilities for your employees, if you ask us. Send them a gift card for a class session for self-improvement or a Netflix subscription so they can enjoy their free time by watching a series.



Stacks of white and blue balloon at office

A cute yet outstanding way to make an employee feel celebrated is by decorating their workspace. Use the person's interests for ideas. Placing their desks with pictures of puppies in birthday hats sounds like an excellent idea if someone loves dogs.


Virtual Party

Virtual party to celebrate employees birthday

If the employees work remotely, then a virtual party might be what they need to spice up the work! For example, give an extra session after the daily meeting and give a birthday shoutout to the celebrant! It'd be a lovely surprise.


Social Media Shoutout

Giving and receiving likes on social media

You can give social media shoutouts from the company's social media platforms for your employee to say happy birthday. Mention about the position, accomplishments, years of service, and similar good stuff about themself.


Snack e-Coupon

 A snack e-Coupon will be helpful for your mate who loves to eat yummy treats. Tasty Snack provides a special e-Coupon for your employee with many options of snacks so they will choose the snack by themself.


Monthly celebration

Colleagues giving birthday cake

What if some employees share the same birthday in a month? Then you can create it as a monthly celebration at the end of the month. Celebrating a birthday together would be fun!


Let Them Decide On The Gift

Wrapped gift

Give the gift of choice and allow your employee to choose what they want. Kindly ask them what kind of gift and let them decide. It might sound unusual, but you should try it if you run out of ideas about what type of gift they like.


Office Lunch Party

Colleagues having lunch party together

The more, the merrier! Office lunch parties are a great way to let your employees take a break from their hectic duties. Besides, it also helps bond your team together while having a good time.


Create Custom Videos

A person recording videos

Appreciate your employees by creating unique custom videos for their birthdays! Piece together a 10 - 30 seconds video filled with sincere wishes. It’ll definitely make their day special. 


Field Trip

Friends having field trip together

Everyone needs to take a rest for a while. You can try to create a field trip session to celebrate their birthday. It would be a memorable celebration with a change to their daily scenery.



A man giving gifts to old woman

If your employee is a kind of person who is concerned about certain issues, We recommend you make a donation to a charity or non-profit in their name. It's a thoughtful gift that will make your employee happy and have a wholesome birthday.


Costume Party

 Friends dancing at costume party

No need to wait for Halloween to create a costume party. Having a thematic birthday party will be a unique way to celebrate a birthday, and your employee will love it.


Surprise Call

A woman having a phone call when reading a book

Surprise calls are an option if your employee works remotely. Set everyone in the virtual room, then ask the birthday person to come. Have everyone wish them a happy birthday once they come in.


Extra Day Off

Empty working space

Many companies with flexible schedules offer to give employees time off on their birthdays. Gift your employee some "me-time” as it is known to boost morale and productivity.


Send A Gift Box

Gift box with snacks inside

Personalize a gift box to what your employee likes and add a heartfelt message to them. You can include  snacks, mugs, shirts, and other items into the box. Tasty Snack will help you to curate a high quality gift box for an employee's birthday! 


An Employee Of The Month

Employee getting appreciation fros his boss

Giving an employee of the month title at a particular moment, such as a birthday, is heartwarming for employees. This also improves motivation and work morale.


Cooking Party

Friends having fun cooking together

A cooking party lets you put your coworker or employee right in their element if you know they like stirring it up in the kitchen. Cooking parties are even better when combined with a pre-portioned ingredient delivery.


Send A Notes

A woman writing letters to someone

Instead of saying a generic "Happy Birthday," you could gift something personal like customized notes. To create these, have coworkers write a few words about what they love about the employee and what they like most about their working relationship.


Employee Reward

Employee getting reward from their colleagues

Everyone loves extra rewards for their hard work. An employee reward is one of the birthday celebration ideas that would be lovely for them so they will feel appreciated. 

So, which ideas that inspire you most? Hope this employee’s birthday celebration ideas will help you to improve the engagement in your company!