Healthy Chips Recommendation For Guilt Free Snacking

Chips are one of the most convenient and popular comfort snacks that everyone loves. The crunchy textures and savory taste is a flavourful snacking experience in your mouth! However, eating chips too often might have a negative impact on your body. You can choose healthy chips as an alternative, so you feel less guilty while snacking.


Why Should You Choose Healthy Chips? 

 While we don’t recommend you to consume chips everyday as there is 7.8 g of fat in every 25 g of potato chips which may result in unwanted weight gain. There are a lot of healthy chips that you could try to adopt a healthier lifestyle.


Healthy Chips Recommendation

Changing your snacking habits to suit your healthy diet plan?, Tasty   some healthy chips recommendations for you, so you feel less guilty while indulging on 


Noi Almond Seaweed Chips

Noi Almond Seaweed Crisps 18g

Crunchy, tasty, and nutty! Baked seaweed with almond slices brings you another experience like no other seaweed. Because it's baked, it's healthier than ordinary chips that are fried. It is a satisfying treat for any occasion with a single-sized pack halal-friendly that is easy to consume anywhere.


Temole Avocado Sea Salt Chips

Temole Avocado SeaSalt Chips 40g

Who said eating healthy chips is always bored? Temole provides other unique Avocado Sea Salt Chips! Perfectly blended with grain tortilla chips, creamy avocados, and natural spices, create a unique taste that you never found before. Oven-baked and naturally seasoned for a natural flavor, it is an excellent monounsaturated fat and vitamin E source. Also, don't forget it's  gluten-free!


Temole Sea Salt Cauliflower Puffs

Temole SeaSalt Cauliflower Puffs 56g

Another snack that’s worth the mention are chips from Temole is the Sea Salt Cauliflower Puffs contain whole cauliflowers! Temole has transformed a piece of cauliflower into a delectable oven-baked puff and more appealing with natural sea salt as seasoning. A great source of antioxidants and vitamin B, it's a perfect choice snack for vegans and those looking for a healthy snack to fulfill their snacking desires.


Eat Real Lentil Chilli Chips

Eat Real Chilli And Lemon Flavour 40g

Eat Real gives you the unique taste of lentil chips mixed with chili and lemon flavor. It's an excellent choice for vegans who are looking for gluten-free and lactose-free snacks.


Quest Ranch Tortilla Style Protein Chips

Quest Ranch Tortilla Style Protein Chips 32g

If you love to eat tortillas paired with  guacamole, sliced avocado, chili, queso, or cheese slices, then Quest Ranch Tortilla is the right one for you.

The light, thin and crispy protein chips   contain processed milk, wheat, and soy which are great combinations for anyone who wants to reduce their carbs consumption. You can enjoy Quest Ranch Tortilla Style Protein Chips together with your Muslim and vegetarian friends.


Cres Bites Coconuts Chips

 Cres Bites Original Coconut Chips 45g

And the last from us is Cres Bites Coconuts Chips with natural toasted coconut with high fiber. You can eat it at your own leisure or while rushing a tight deadline. Cres Bites also have other variants of coconut chips with pandan flavor.

Now you understand that eating chips is not always a sinful affair and can weave into your healthy diet plan There are a lot of healthy chips options that you can regularly enjoy without worry. Which one is your favorite? Explore other varieties of healthy snacks more at Tasty Snack!