15 Thoughtful Farewell Gift For Your Best Friend




Saying goodbye to your good friends is always the hardest thing to do. Send your friends off in the most thoughtful way and show that you’ll cherish them forever by giving them a gift that celebrates your friendship. In this guide, we’ve put together an ultimate list of farewell gift ideas that will make your friend leave with a smile!


1. Photos of the Sweetest Memories - Paired with Sweets


Photos of the Sweetest Memories - Paired with Sweets

Let them dive back into all the sweetest memories you two have shared together through a photo memory book paired with sweets you both like! That way, whenever they feel homesick, they can flip through the album and get those warm, fuzzy feelings all over again.


2. Journey Bracelet


Journey bracelet with 'ENJOY THE JOURNEY' words written on it

We all know that leaving someone behind is difficult, inspirational message bracelets can be helpful since they will transmit good vibes and inspire positive energy to them! This journey bracelet can also remind them to stay focused and optimistic on their incredible journey ahead.


3. Personalized Mug or Tumbler


Personalized Tumbler with purple and green color and sentences written on it

If your friend is a coffee or tea drinker, give them a mug that’s personalized with their name or a photo of you two together. You can even put together an entire gift set with a mug, and some of their favourite tea or coffee on it!


4. Travel Kit


Travel kit such as hat, sunglasses, travel pillow, handy camera, notebook, earphone, and eye mask

Travel goodies are a perfect farewell gift and will make their long-haul flights or trip easier. A  wireless phone charger or a cushy travel pillow is sure to get some use on their moving day.


5. Favourite Author Book - Paired with a Tea Set


A book with flower put on it, and a glass of tea on the side

Credit: Coffeegeek.tv

For a bookworm, there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book, a steaming cup of tea, and a sweet treat! So if you have a bookish friend who fancies a pleasant afternoon reading books with a cup of tea, this might be the perfect gift for them!


6. Spices and Seasonings from Home


Wide variety of spices and seasonings put inside of transparent mug

Sometimes it will be difficult to find local spices and seasoning from home when we’re moving abroad. So, if they’re into sweet soy sauce, spicy sambal, or any local snacks they can’t live without, they’ll appreciate your thoughtful gift!


7. Starter Seeds


Variety of flower, vegetable, and herb starter seed for plant enthusiast

If your friend is a plant enthusiast who enjoys gardening, you can consider giving them some flower, vegetable, or herb starter seeds for their new outdoor space.


8. Long Distance Friendship Lamps


Long distance friendship on a table

These friendship lamps are the perfect way to help you and your friend stay connected no matter how far you two stay apart! It can be a subtle way to let them know your mood or that you’re thinking of them at that moment without even needing to pick up a phone.


9. A Playlist


Black and yellow colored cassette tape on yellow wood

Another simple yet sentimental gift for your moving friend is making them a playlist or compilation of songs that will remind them of their home and you!  Playing these songs about moving away can also give your friend a bit of pep in their step throughout the moving process, or whenever they feel homesick.


10. Dual Time Watch


Dual time analogue wrist watch with leather strap put on its side

If your friend is moving to a place with a different time zone, having a watch that shows both the current time at their new place and the time back where they came from would be lovely for them! With this watch in their hand, figuring out what time would be a good time to call you would be much easier!


11. Memorable Painting or Artwork


Painting of a boy and a girl sitting back to back

Custom artwork or a painting of you and your friend can be one of the best sentimental leaving gifts for them! It will be a permanent reminder of your friendship which they can display in their new home.


12. Language Learning Subscription


Notebook and dictionaries wrapped around headphone put on a large world map

Is your friend moving somewhere where they need to learn a new language? You can get them a language learning app subscription so they can learn at their own pace from any device! Some of the most popular ones include Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software.


13. Digital Photo Frame


Framed photo of two girls holding an umbrella placed beside a digital camera

Make them feel as if you’re still right by their side by instantly sending photos and small videos to their digital photo frame! You can also show them that you know exactly what they want to look at by loading it with pictures that will make them happy!


14. Custom Face Pillow


Custom face pillow with an asian man face as its model

A customized face pillow would be a perfect gag gift to ensure that they will never forget you! You can upload a nice close-up image of your face and let the designers do the rest. These pillows usually come in various sizes and are constructed with soft polyester fabric and a cotton insert.


15. Favourite Snack Box


Snack box containing wide variety of snacks and beverages from tasty snack

Leaving someone and going to a new place can give them anxiety. But a box full of their favourite snack will definitely cheer them up! This farewell gift idea is perfect for your foodie friend. You can personalize a snack gift box even with your desired box and gift card at Tasty Snack!

That’s it for our best farewell gift recommendations! Saying goodbye might be upsetting, but these thoughtful farewell gifts will keep memories of you two together as they move on to their next phase in life!