10 Uniquely Singapore Snacks To Get Ready For NDP

Hold your flag in one hand and your food in the other. Now you’re all set to join the National Day Parade which is just around the corner! From all-time favourites like kaya toasts, to new best-sellers like salted egg yolk fish skin, there’s no shortage of absolutely fantastic local foods and snacks to munch and crunch on.

Explore our best list of Singaporean snacks to get you ready for this year’s NDP!


1. Irvin Salted Egg Fish Skin

Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin

It may be an age-old Asian ingredient, but lately salted egg yolk has re-emerged to be a recipe for commercial success in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. Irvin salted egg fish skin is one of our favourites! This pack of goodness contains meltingly thin fish skins coated in thick, creamy salted egg yolk sauce will make you crave for more.

Not a fan of fish skin? You can try their salted egg potato chips too!


2. MyEureka Chili Crab Popcorn

MyEureka Chili Crab Popcorn

Created after one of Singapore's famous national dishes, this Asian flavoured popcorn is tangy, sweet, and spicy with a great crunch. It was a thrill for us to enjoy this popcorn, we think it's perfect on its own or paired with a bubbly.


3. The Golden Duck Chilli Crab Seaweed tempura

The Golden Duck Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura (110g)

Famously known for its salted egg yolk snacks, Golden Duck has now expanded way beyond its signature flavour and added chilli crab tempura seaweed to its snack catalogue! 

Crispy and savoury, this chilli crab seaweed tempura is a real treat with its slightly tangy chilli flavour.


4.  Fupi Laksa Flavour Beancurd Chips

Fupi Laksa Flavour Beancurd Chips (75g)

Fupi turns a traditional dish Nyonya Laksa into an extremely snackable bag of crunchy goodness. The aromatic coconut milk, the blend of spices and herbs, combined with crispy beancurd chips makes it ridiculously addictive!


5. Amazin Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie

Amazin Graze Dark Chocolate Brownie (30g)

Thin layers of cocoa goodness baked into perfection, sprinkled with almond flakes, chia seeds, and coconut shreds, these dark chocolate brownies will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Amazon Graze Brownie Chips are made with only natural ingredients, without any refined sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients.


6. The Kettle Gourmet Kaya Butter Toast Popcorn

The Kettle Gourmet Kaya Butter Toast Popcorn

A Singapore breakfast favourite, kaya butter toast consists of toasted slices of bread sandwiching silky smooth butter and a rich spread of sweet creamy kaya, a traditional jam made of coconut milk and flavoured with pandan leaves. This popcorn snack brings you these flavours in a sweet and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth experience.


7. Ooh Lala Mala Potato Chips

Ooh Lala Mala Potato Chips, Peanuts, and Cassava Chips

If you like spicy food, you're gonna enjoy this one. Ooh Lala Mala Potato Chips are Singapore's first mala potato chip and it has a mild numbing mala taste that lingers in your mouth. They also have other mala flavoured snacks such as mala cassava chips and mala peanuts too!


8. Wafer Ice Cream

A girl with blue colored finger nail holding yellow wafer ice cream

Racing out to the ice cream cart when the ice cream uncle rings his bell is definitely every Singaporean’s childhood memory! Push cart ice cream is an indispensable part of our food culture. From raspberry ripple to chocolate, push cart ice cream is known for its wide variety of flavours and customisation options, and one of the most popular is to have your block of icy goodness sandwiched between two crisp wafers!


9. Potong Ice Cream

Potong ice cream with wide variety of flavours on top of a wooden board

Potong ice cream remains one of the most popular local snacks for beating the Singapore heat. Coming in a distinctive rectangular shape, this well-loved sweet treat is typically made from the base ingredients of coconut milk, skimmed milk, corn starch, and everyone’s favourite, red bean flavour!

Stock up on your favourite Potong Ice Cream to share with your family and friends!


10. Crusty Singapore Chicken Rice Flavour Potato Chips

Crusty Singapore Chicken Rice Flavour Potato Chips

Inspired by Hawker street food culture, this Singapore snack brand launched potato chips with chicken rice flavour! These potato chips have the familiar flavours of poached chicken and fresh ginger, each of them packed with a burst of umami flavours waiting for you to be enjoyed!

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