15 Father's Day Gift Ideas To Be Dad's Favourite

Ever asked your dad what he wants for Father’s Day and he answers “anything”? We’ve all been there. While it is a challenge to find the perfect gift for your dad this June 19th, know that when dad says “anything” he meant it. This actually makes it easier to send the best gift for him. From gifts that are based on his hobbies to the best snacks that go with his beer, your option is endless.

Still have no idea what you should give to your father at fathers day? Tasty Snack have some father’s day gift ideas to inspire you with!

15 Father's Day Gift Ideas


1. Snack Box

Tasty Snack gift box containing variety of snacks and drinks

Giving your dad a snack box would be great, because they can consume it during or after work. As an example, you can give a Breakfast Gift Box from Tasty Snack that contains a healthy snack and can be eaten as a breakfast or regular snack. It is suitable for your busy dad.


2. Backpack

Backpack laying on a wooden bench

For travelers and backpackers dad, a backpack would be useful for them. Choose the black one because it's easy to clean and match in any outfit. Don't forget to consider the size or, better yet, include a return flight to his favourite destination!


3. Coffee Maker

Coffee maker standing beside a cup of cappucino and cookies

Your dad no longer feels tired when he wakes up because they can use a coffee maker. If your dad loves coffee so much, they will like it. The coffee maker brews hot coffee automatically. It's easy to use and fast! Dad's always rushing? Grab Dydo's Original Coffee Blend to get his morning caffeine fix to-go.  


4. T-Shirt

T-shirt with wide variety of colors

Probably your dad wears his favourite t-shirt everyday. Well, you can get them a new t-shirt so they can use it at home after work. Pick his favourite colour or match it with his daily t-shirt.


5. Wireless Charging Station & Sanitizer

Black wireless charging station and uv sanitizer

Pandemic teaches us to be more hygienic and pay attention to our health. A wireless charging station and sanitizer is the right combo weapon to help your dad’s phone stay away from germs and viruses.


6. Cooler Bag

Opened blue colored cooler bag

Cold beer is the best beer. The cooler bag can be useful for your dad who loves traveling and drinking beer during leisure time. Or, your dad can use it for other purposes.


7. Fishing Kit

Man using fishing kit

If your dad loves fishing, he would love it. He will use it to vacation at the ocean. You can go to the nearest store to ask more about the kind of fishing kits.


8. Running Shoes

Person wearing untied running shoes

Running shoes can be used everywhere even during a casual moment. Your dad would use it everywhere he goes. If you are still confused about what kind of shoes that you want to buy, ask about his favourite colour!


9. Snack e-Coupon

Red envelope on yellow surface

Your dad probably has some favourite snacks. He can choose his own snack using e-coupons by Tasty Snack! Afterall, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


10. Electric Shaver

Electric shaver beside brush and shaving cream

An electric shaver is a razor with an electrically powered rotating or oscillating blade. It’s really useful especially when your dad has a lot of beard. Electric shavers work automatically so it will be efficient and fast.


11. Flip Flop

Man sitting on the edge of a cliff wearing flip-flop

Wearing flip flops everyday is the most comfortable footwear. It's every dad's go-to during a casual day out or even a relax hangout with his best buds. Plus, it doesn't burn a hole in our wallets.


12. Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboard on working desk

Your high tech busy dad needs a new wireless to improve his productivity. It will be easy to bring those wireless keyboards everywhere.


13. Smart Mug

Mug on a mat standing beside a book

No more cold coffee! Smart mug will keep coffee or tea at a stable temperature and warm while your dad is doing his hobbies or work at the office. There are a lot of varieties of smart mug.


14. Dumbbell

Two purple dumbbell on a floor

Regular workout can improve health and immunity. Sending a dumbbell as a gift is the right option to remind your dad to keep working out as part of their weekly routine so they can keep fit and healthy.


15. Smart Watch

Black smart watch displaying digital clock

Help your dad to be organized with a smart watch. Some types of smart watch are already connected with smartphone. So, it will make it easier to maintain his schedule or he can do it as an accessory.

That's it! Hope those Father’s Day gift ideas will inspire you to give your dad the best gift. Because your dad also deserves more recognition.