Halal-certified Snacks & Beverages You Must Try

Always on the lookout for muslim-friendly snacks to try? We are here to help. Assembling a line-up of shiok, and unique halal-certified snacks; and better-for-you alternatives that are equally as satisfying to turn to when you feel a snack craving come on. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, sending corporate gifts to your colleagues and clients, or even getting them for your personal snacking fix, we've got a wide range of muslim-friendly and halal-certified snacks that are high quality and safe.

There is a misconception that as long as there is no pork, it's safe for muslims to consume. Halal principles go beyond just the consumption of an animal. To qualify as halal, food must be strictly prepared in adherence to Islamic dietary law, especially the way of slaughtering animals. Hence, halal food products are widely perceived as being of high quality, hygienic, and healthy as they are processed under safe and ethically responsible conditions.


Shiok Halal Snacks

Tasty Snack Asia - Halal Snack Gift Delivery in Singapore - Shiok Snack

If you've been hunting for halal snacks that fit your taste buds or diet plan, make the calories count with these amazing snacks that we have tried and tested.


Tasty Recommends

Ooh Mala's Potato Chips (Halal-certified)
Packed with a mild spice mala taste that lingers in your mouth. Our lips were turning a little numb after the 5th chip, but don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

Yoda Yolks' Original Salted Egg Chips (100% Muslim-owned)
This bottle of salted egg yolk potato chips packs a punch and is a trending snack in Singapore. Made with a special technique, the crunch of the chip is so crunchy and addictive you won't be able to not resist eating the entire bottle.

Yum's Emping Chips (Halal-certified)
Handmade, all-natural and a delicious snack from Indonesia. We love the crunchiness and the nutty savouriness with slight sweetness that musks the naturally bitter taste of the belinjau seeds.This pack has our shiok vote!


Healthy Halal Snacks

Tasty Snack Asia - Halal-certified Corporate Gift Box - Healthy Halal-certified Snacks

Looking for a guilt-free snacking option that can support your diet plans? We've got your back, Snackmate. Why struggle to find delicious healthy snacks, when these halal-certified healthy snacks can be found in a one stop platform.


Tasty Recommends

Greenday's Crispy Grape (Halal-certified)
These freshly picked grapes are freeze-dried to perfection, leaving us with a melt in your mouth experience that captures the delicious flavour of green grapes. A perfect addition to your morning yogurt.

Ladang Lima's Pumpberry Healthy Cookies (Halal-certified)
This healthy egg-free pumpberry cookie is a delicious mixture of super seed goodness. The natural sweetness and tartness from cranberries make this yummy bites a great after exercise refuel.

Yum's Original Tempe Chips (Halal-certified)
Made in Indonesia, these protein rich snack are a healthy alternative when you are craving something savoury and crispy. Chocked full of plant protein, these preservative free, gluten free, trans fat free tempe chips are a game changer.


Fancy Muslim-friendly Snacks and Beverages

Tasty Snack Asia - Muslim-friendly Corporate Gift Box - Luxury Halal Snack

For Snackmates with refined and elevated palates, we've gone uptown to fetch some exquisite halal snacks perfect for your tastebuds. Pair them with dips or even add them to your charcuterie platter. These snacks not only taste good but look good too. Halal-certified corporate gifting option? Checked!


Tasty Recommends

Aroma's Black Summer Truffle Chips (Halal-certified)
The ultimate black truffle potato chips from Italy. Each piece is smothered with olive oil, and lavishly garnished with black truffles and parsley to accentuate its flavour, leaving you wanting more.

Verlin's Dark Chocolate Almond Cluster (Halal-certified)
This premium snack is chocked full of vitamins & minerals and packed with delicious bits of chocolates and almonds. it has a great crunch factor with the creamy texture of italian dark chocolate. Perfect to go with your breakfast in bed.

AF's Alcohol-free Cucumber Gin & Tonic (Muslim-friendly)
Cucumbers and cocktails make the best combinations and this alcohol-free gin and tonic hands you the best of both worlds without having to mix it yourself. It's like having your personal bartender in a can.


Unique Halal-friendly Snacks

Tasty Snack Asia - Halal Certified Birthday Gift Box - Unique Halal Snacks in Singapore


It's the homestretch Snackmates! Now that we've got your taste buds tingling. This last recommendation is for the bold and adventurous who wants something familiar but with a little twist. From your favourite drink turned into a snack to your nasi padang flavours made into crunchy nibbles. Be prepared to have that pesky little sweet and savoury tooth satisfied.


Tasty Recommends

Crusty's Bubble Tea Popcorn (Halal-certified)
Taste the familiar flavours of milk tea with these fluffy and highly addictive popcorn. Made with real flavour and no preservatives, this bubble tea popcorn is a winner. Whether you're a bubble tea fanatic or not, we highly recommend you try this!

Setempe's Dendeng Balado Tempe Chips (Halal-friendly)
At the first bite, you can immediately taste the spiciness of the chilli, it's got a wonderful kick. Paired with the savouriness of the chip, all we need is a bowl of white rice and we feel like we are eating nasi padang at a restaurant.

Undercover's Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Crispy Quinoa (Halal-certified)
Made in New Jersey, this unique combination of crunchy quinoa and premium decadent dark chocolate are bites of deliciousness made with only two ingredients. Dried and toasted to create an incredibly satisfying crispy texture, it's love at first bite.

There you go, we've turned you into a halal snack superhero with really good taste! Send a muslim-friendly gift box and fill it up with our wide range of halal-certified items. Simply check out the list of halal-friendly products here.

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