10 Employee Appreciation Ideas That Matter

Whether you're expressing your gratitude to your fellow colleagues for a milestone or simply because Employee Appreciation Day falls on the 4th of March this year, we got a list of gifting ideas perfect for the occasion.

Plenty of managers choose not to make it a priority, either because they’re too busy themselves or because they simply don’t understand why it’s so vital to a thriving workplace.It’s great to give recognition to your team members in small ways as showing appreciation in the workplace increases employee engagement and dedication. When employees know their hard work is appreciated and recognised, they feel that their work is valued. Here are 10 employee appreciation ideas that won't break the bank. 


1. e-Vouchers

Tasty Snack Asia - Employee Appreciation day - e-Coupons

An e-Voucher is a financial incentive to let your employees feel appreciated. It is convenient, flexible and contactless especially during COVID 19. It is also easy to buy and extremely easy for HR to disperse them to employees. Tasty Snack's e-vouchers start at only $35 per coupon, you can also add in a personalised gift card to show your appreciation. Once the recipient tailor their purchases to their interests, the gift card and gift box will be delivered to their doorstep. 

Allow your colleagues to select their favourite snack individually. Simply set a budget and your recipient can go on a shopping spree with no minimum quantity. Treat anyone anywhere, and at any time. Find out more about Tasty Snack's e-Coupons here.


2. Curated Gift Box

Tasty Snack Asia - Employee Appreciation Day - Curated Gift Box

When it comes to appreciation gifts, we all want to express our gratitude through thoughtful gifts that say "thanks!" or "thinking of you!" Show your co-workers that you care and know them on a more personal level by curating a gift box filled with their favourite snacks, drinks and even a laptop stand that they so need. 

We understand your need for convenient and unique gifting solutions. With over 2,000 in a variety of fun and interesting snacks and beverages to add to, there is definitely something for everyone. Browse through healthy, halal, vegan options, and even pair them up with thematic nibbles, accompanied by alcoholic or non-alcoholic sips. Find out more about Tasty Snack's Corporate Gifting here.


3. Pantry Supplies

Tasty Snack Asia - Employee Appreciation - Pantry Supplies

We have all experienced the mid-afternoon rumbling in our tummy after working hard at your desk. A well-stocked office pantry filled with office favourites or seasonal snacks and beverages for your co-workers to try would definitely make them feel appreciated and boost positive workplace culture.

We've banned boring snacks. Boost your staff morale with our snacks selection. With a pantry filled with unique and single serve pantry selections, no one gets left out. Find out more about Tasty Snack's Pantry Supplies service here.


4. Foodie Forward

Tasty Snack Asia - Employee Appreciation - Collaboration

Gifts that give back provide your employees a double-dose of positivity. Imagine receiving a fair trade chocolate and know that a portion of the proceeds goes into generating clean water or supporting single moms or even helping the less fortunate families locally. It'll definitely spread good vibes and cultivate good values in your employees.

Tasty Snack monthly collaborations with curated local brands allow you to "shop local". For the month of March, we spotlight women-led brands to showcase their amazing products and talent.


5. Include Them In Decision Making

Make your employees feel valued and noticed by involving them in the decision-making process wherever possible. Having their voice heard and acknowledged are one of the little things that make employees feel appreciated.


6. LinkedIn Dedication Post

Hearing an employer saying "Thank You" to your fellow colleagues can make a huge difference. Amplifying it through an appreciation post on LinkedIn and other social media platforms can make your co-workers feel appreciated. Break the mold of bossy and distant managers and leaders and thank your employees for their efforts.


7. Get A Day Off

Acknowledge the hard work and efforts that your employees have put in thus far with a day off. An extra day off might be what your co-workers need after working tirelessly through peak season or even after winning a contract. After putting on hold to catch the new netflix series or spending a day out with their family or just a day to sleep in. What a perfect chance for them to keep up with their personal lives.


8. A Relaxing Spa Day

Treat your employees with spa treats after a job well done or even to express your appreciation for their dedication. This shows that you care about their wellbeing. Hold a massage session for your team members for a much needed energy boost or a much needed relaxing day.


9. Gym Subscription

Gift your co-workers a gift of health with gym passes or subscriptions. It is perfect for the employee who loves to stay fit or has been wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The gym passes is one of the best ways to motivate them to get started. Besides, it is always great to have healthier and fitter employees. 


10. Celebrate Their Birthdays

Your employee might be a year older, but celebrating employees' birthdays can never go old. It's always fun to organise a birthday celebration with cakes and pizzas. It also gives them an opportunity to take a break from their daily work. 

Employee appreciation is one of the best ways to develop positive and meaningful workplace culture. Whether you're looking at showing them small gestures that mean a lot or acquire some budget to splurge on them, it will lead to several long-term benefits. How many of these employee appreciation ideas have you adopted?