Healthy Late Night Snacks Perfect For Your Midnight Cravings

Going to bed and you’re suddenly disrupted by a grumbling tummy saying “feed me!”? What do you do? Maybe you've heard that pre-bed eating might disrupt your sleep or cause you to gain undesirable weight. Even if you're fully on board with the bedtime snack train, choosing the right snack is truly a dilemma. Well, healthy late night snacks are the right option for you.

To help you find the perfect healthy late night snacks, here are Tasty Snack recommendations for you!


1. Grape Chia Seeds Jelly - Wakasho 

Wakasho - Grape Chia Seed Jelly (200g)

Chia seeds have become a mainstay in many of our diets, and the combination of chia seed and konnyaku jelly is a simple and tasty method to get extra vitamins for the body. This grape chia seeds jelly is very tasty, and we're sure you won't be able to stop at just one.


2. Sweet Pandan Coconut Chips - Cresc Bite 

Cresc Bites - Sweet Pandan Coconut Chips (45g)

No more feeling guilty about snacking at midnight. These toasted coconut flakes are lightly roasted to create coconut crisps which could be added to salads, smoothie bowls, or enjoyed as a snack. You’ll never get bored of it!


3. Sweet and Salty Popcorn - Serious Popcorn 

Serious Popcorn - Sweet And Salty Popcorn (12g)

Serious natural organic sea salt flavored popcorn is created from organic corn farmed without the use of harmful chemicals. The sweetness fused  with organic sea salt from Marlborough, New Zealand will create a unique tasting experience  that you have never tried before.


4. All Natural Strawberry Banana Chips - Brothers 

Brothers - All Natural Strawberry Banana Crisps (10g)

These freeze-dried strawberries and banana crisps by Brothers are produced using fresh bananas and strawberries harvested at their height of freshness. It’s freeze-dried to make a delightful fruit crisp while keeping the flavors and nutrients of the fresh fruit.


5. Salt and Vinegar Crispy Rice - Ceres Organic 

Ceres Organics - Salt And Vinegar Crispy Rice Clouds (50g)

These delicious rice puffs are a good option for midnight snacking. With the appropriate amount of salt and vinegar seasoning, you won't stop until the last puff is gone! They are pure perfection sealed in a package.


6. Cheesy Onion Crispy Rice - Ceres Organic 

Ceres Organics - Cheezy Onion Charm Crispy Rice Clouds (50g)

If you prefer a cheesy sensation, then this crispy rice cheese flavour is the one for you. These light and crunchy rice puffs are delicious! Plant-based, organic, light and crunchy with just the right amount of savory.


7. Indulge Chocolate Rice Bar - Tasti 

Tasti - Indulge Chocolate Caramel Cereal Bar (105g)

Who said you can't enjoy chocolate during midnight? This delicious little choco bar satisfies your cravings in less than 100 calories! Crackly rice pops and crunchy rolled oats dipped in a generous layer of caramel and coated in a creamy chocolate coating. That is what we mean by "smart snacking."


8. Chickpea Crisps - Ceres Organic 

Ceres Organics - Sriracha Thai Chilli Chickpea Crisps (100g)

These tasty chickpea chips are created with organic and high-quality ingredients. With the additional nutrients of chickpeas and the delicate flavors of Thai chili, this healthy  delight is an ideal afternoon snack. Psst.. You can also Bring it with you topicnics with your loved ones.


9. Cheese and Onion Crunches - Snax 

Snax - Cheese Onion Crunches (160g)

Crackers is one of the common snacks that people always love. Snax’s crispy and crunchy crackers are baked instead of fried. Very savory and proudly cooked in New Zealand.


10. Milk Crispy Chocolate Quinoa - Undercover 

Undercover - Milk Chocolate Crispy Quinoa (57g)

Try this unique mix of crunchy quinoa and creamy milk chocolate if you're seeking for the ultimate sweet and healthy indulgent snack. Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crisps from Undercover Snacks are simple bits of pleasure prepared with only two ingredients: crispy quinoa and chocolate. Quinoa is dried and roasted for a delightful crunchy texture before being combined with fine milk chocolate.

So, which healthy late night snacks are your favorite? Don't forget to brush your teeth after snacking at midnight! Tasty Snack have another range of delicious snacks that you can try at any occasion. We deliver it right at your doorstep!