How To Create DIY Snack Box Gift With Tasty Snack

Want to send a gift to your friends or loved ones but can’t seem to find a perfect present for them? While DIY snack box gift are a fun and perfect solution for you to try, you might get lost and find it hard to get started.

Creating a personalized snack box is a tricky affair, from making time to source for snacks, box and other decorative elements to arranging them into the box. You might not have the time for that. Now, you can make DIY snack box gift easier with Tasty Snack!


Why Customized Snack Box Gift Is Better?

Women sitting on a couch opening tastysnack gift box

People usually send a gift box to someone during a special occasion, for example to express gratitude or congratulations. Some people also send it during celebrations like at Christmas or Eid.

There are many ready-made gift boxes available, but having a customized gift box allows you to give a personalized snack box gift filled with their personal favorites. Certain emotional factors start to chime and these personalized gifts make great impressions on people and prove how much you value the relationship.

A customized present also demonstrates your relationship with the recipient, with a box filled with everything that they love. Romantic partners like personalized presents as it reflects your affection and how much you cherish them. Whether you’re looking for gifts for him or gifts for women, a personalized gift will stand out as a unique way to express your love.


How To Create DIY Gift Box With Tasty Snack

Well, no need to struggle to create the snack gift box. Tasty Snack will help you to make a gift box for your special one with our Build A Gift Box Feature!


1. Select The Box

Choose the box based on the personality of the person that you want to. For example, choose the matte black box for your bold friend or premium red box with satin ribbon for your fancy mom.


2. Choose Your Snacks

Then, choose the snacks that you want. There are alot of categories, from halal snacks for your muslim friend, under 100 calories for you who on a diet plan, and vegan friendly snacks. You will not run out of snack  options! 


3. Add Your Add Ons


Next, choose add-ons like a birthday card or shredded  paper to protect the snacks. The fun thing is you can also choose the color of your shredded paper and the design of the card so it will be more personal!


4. Write Message


A Personalized gift is not complete without a special message. Write your special message so your gift would be meaningful for your beloved one. Just a simple message like “congratulations on your new position” or “happy birthday” makes a great  impact on your relationship.


5. Review


After you follow all those steps, now you should review your order first. You can update the cart if you want to add another item or straight place the order if you are already sure with the order.


6. Insert Information


After you review the order, you can fill the email. Don't forget to input the shipping address such as recipient’s full name, address, and phone number.  Then you can process the payment.


7. Done

Tadaa! Your gift box is ready to send to your friends or colleagues! Now you can wait and the snack box will be sent directly into their door.

So, it's not really hard to make a personalized box, right? You can send it to your family or work-mate at the office. For more information, contact us at! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok!