McDonald's Pokémon Happy Meals Are Now In Singapore!

Tasty Snack Asia - McDonalds Pokemon Happy Meal In Singapore - Singapore Pokemon Trading Card


Pokemon has collaborated with McDonald's once again for happy meal promotion for a limited time. Available across the US, McDonald's will be putting up these Pokemon-themed Happy Meals up for grabs. With a four-card pack of Pokemon trading cards, a spinner, a paper coin and a Match Battle instruction booklet it's packaged in a Pikachu-themed Happy Meal box.



For Pokemon fans in Singapore, you might not get your hands on them. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launching on Nintendo Switch this November and several new Pokemon TCG released. But Fret Not, McDonald’s Singapore is releasing Match Battle Pokémon Trading Card Game from 1 September 2022 and 8 Pikachu-themed colectibles in their happy meal. Gotta catch them all!



@tastysnackasia Surprised Pikachu. 😮 McDonald’s x Pokemon Happy Meal is back! @McDonald’s Can we have it in SG too? 🫣 #mcdonalds #pokemon #pikachu #happymeal #tastysnack #snacks #tiktoksg #tiktokid #tiktokmy #fyp #foryou #StickerMaster2021 ♬ HOT - SEVENTEEN