Trendy Nostalgic Singapore Snacks of the 90s!

August is a joyous month as Singapore celebrates its 57th birthday. With spirits high and the love for our young national state strong, we reminisce the good old days of Singapore's past and how far we've come.

Talking to your parents and grandparents while flipping through old black and white photos will show you that Singapore food was as big of a thing then as it is now. Those who grew up in the 90s will remember what used to be the best childhood snack or Singaporean Snack. When we think of Singapore traditional snacks, our memories immediately navigate towards the street style snacks like the Singapore candy, ding dang tang, dragon beard, corn cups, muah chee, kachang puteh among so many others. But in fact as kids, we spent our time after school in mama shops (or what it felt like Willy Wonka's factory) gushing and choosing snacks to eat on our bus ride home.

Did you know that old school snacks or nostalagia snacks are NOW trendy and a new term "newstalgia" has been coined. The question is - how do you introduce "newstalgia" snacks to your family and friends who have never seen, heard or tried these snacks. For those that have tried it, how do you help them bring back memories and their childhood filled with happy memories, mementos and personal reminders of times when they grew up?


Tasty Snack Asia - Trendy Nostalgic Singapore Snacks of the 90s - Singapore Food


We will fill you in with the top 50 Singapore childhood snacks to try!

1) Marukawa bubble gum

2) Kaka corn snack

3) Haw flakes

4) Kacang puteh

5) Pop pop corn snack

6) Wheel crackers

7) Gem biscuit

8) Wang Wang xiao man tou

9) Cotton candy

10) Satay stick

11) Houten chilli tapioca chip

12) Pola snack

13) Bee Bee snack

14) Apollo chocolate stick wafer

15) Ring pop

16) Dinosaur egg candy

17) Super ring

18) Kaka

19) Mitsuya tasty biscuit

20) Ice kacang ball

21) Hiro chocolate cake

22) White rabbit candy

23) Butterfly biscuits

24) Ling mong candy

26) Tora chocolate

27) Chocolate eggs

28) Whistle candy

29) Ding dang chocolate

30) Ding ding candy

31) Planters cheese balls

32) Bika chicken crackers

33) Bibo dragon drink

34) Seaweed

35) Kinder surprise

36) Eyeglass chocolate drops

37) Poprocks

38) Choki Chocki

39) Wu Hua Guo preserved fruit

40) Warheads extreme sour candy

41) Ovaltine Sweets

42) Colorful pirng wafer biscuit

42) Apollo chocolate wafer

43) Animal biscuits

42) Biscuts from tin cans

43) Chicakadees

44) Bobdog cigarette candy

45) Colorful cup jellys

46) Kopiko candy

47) Colorful ice pops

48) Paddle pop

49) Malties candy

50) Fizzy Cola

Singapore childhood snacks are qurky, fun and yummy. We love Mamee noodle, polar snack, haw hee flakes, whistle candy, daifu dried cuttlefish strips, wheel crackers, ice gem biscuits, mom mom eyeglass candy are some of our absolute favourite Singapore biscuit and Singapore crackers.


Singapore Nostalgia Snack Box

Tasty Snack Asia - Trendy Nostalgic Singapore Snacks of the 90s - Singapore Food


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