Saint Patrick's Day Snack Ideas



With corporate offices getting more diverse, we see a trend of clients celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in their corporate pantry or are giving snack gift boxes or hamper gift delivery to their teams. But what is Saint Patrick's Day? Celebrated by the people of Ireland, Sain Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is actually a cultural and religious celebration that is held in respect of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.


In Ireland, this day is celebrated with public parades, festivals, céilithe and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks. People would feast in celebration with food and drinks. Tasty Snack can help you to create a small but impactful reminder of this day within the confines of your office with first and foremost, pantry snacks!


Yes, you heard us right! We will help you and your HR team to bring in some classic Irish snacks that are both refreshingly new and extra delicious. Let's see what we have for you.  




Image source: FB Keogh's 


Grown in Ireland, Keogh's is a brand that comes from crop to crisps, producing the finest quality poptato crisps and snacks that are truely Irish. A family run business, this potato chip brand fights for sustainability and are chapions of spreading the cause and the knowledge through their brand. Although they have over eight different kinds of crisps, we have available two types.



Keogh's - Cheese & Onion Crisps (50g)



Image source: Keogh's Farm


Known for its strong flavours this pack of crisps is made with Dubliner Cheese that has both the sharpness of mature chedder but also the nuttiness of Swiss Cheese. Pair it with sweet onions, this snack is one to behold.



Keogh's - Atlantic Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar Crisps (50g)


Image source: Keogh's Farm


Sea salt and vinegar crisps are such a classic when you are browsing at supermarket shelves. This unique gluten free pack of Keogh's atlantic sea salt and cider vinegar crips are lovingly seasoned with Llewellyns Irish Cider Vinegar and a sprinkle of Atlantic Sea Salt for that authentic flavour.  



Tasty Snack - Saint Patrick's Day Snack Ideas - Tayto Cheese & Onion Crisps (45g) and Burts - Guinness Potato Crisps (150g)


Apart from that, the two other chip brands that are worthy of mention is Tayto Cheese & Onion Crisps (45g) and Burts - Guinness Potato Crisps (150g). Tayto is a brand that changed the world of snacking as it is actually the brand that invented the first flavoured crisp production process with their famous Cheese & Onion flavour. More recently, the snack brand Burts did a collaboration with the Irish beer company Guinness to create the first ever Guinness Potato Crisps (150g). You really can't ger any more Irish than that!  



Tasty Snack - Saint Patrick's Day Snack Ideas - Skelligs Chocolate



Putting chips aside, we also wanted to share with you a wonderful Irish chocolate brand called Skelligs. We have two flavours from them available, Irish Sea Salt Chocolate Bar and Irish Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar. An artisian brand, Skelligs Chocolate co have flavours that are representative of Ireland, using Irish ingrdients. Skelligs Irish Sea Salt Chocolate Bar (75g) & Skelligs Irish Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar (75g).



We know its not easy to source for speciality snacks in Singapore, especially for such occassions, but come to us all and we will do our best to help you source and plan your corporate events all year round. Perhaps you might need a snack box, a box of gifts of even snack box gift delivery, let us know and we'll be your one-stop-shop to all corporate gifts, pantry and event needs!