Unique Gift Box Ideas & Cute Stickers To Make Everyone Go "Aww!"

If you're a Virgo, Aquarius, Cancer or Libra, according to astrologers you love to give extravagant gifts. We know you are one of the many amazing individuals who take pride in the custom gift boxes you give, and you take pride in meticulous planning from the packaging to products.

Some of the items you'll like to add on to your gift boxes to make it amazing are scented candles, healthy snacks and even a subscription to Disney+. If you are a true blue extravagant gift giver, it doesn't stop there. You'll go above and beyond by adding shredded papers, greeting cards and even cute stickers to go along with the gift box. Here are some gift box ideas that you'll definitely resonate with.


Add Stickers

Tasty Snack Asia - Build A Gift Box - Cute Stickers in Singapore - Simple Things

Your loved ones will smile even wider when they see a sticker pack in your thoughtful gift. Adding a pack of one-of-a-kind stickers adds the finishing touches to any gift.

Simple Things is a brand filled with life’s simple stories. They sell stickers, enamel pins and accessories hoping to bring a smile to someone’s face. Furthermore, they strongly believe in the importance of mental health. 2% of every product purchased will be donated to the World Federation For Mental Health (WFMH) and Black Mental Health Alliance through Pledgeling. Add them to your snack box to perk up your recipient.


Add Coloured Shredded Papers

Tasty Snack Asia - Build A Gift Box - Coloured Shredded Papers

Spruce the whole look and experience of your gift. Add some coloured shredded paper or paper tissues to elevate your recipient's unboxing experience.

With 4 different coloured shredded paper options added into our list of add ons, you can include them in the favourite colour of your recipient and watch them smile even wider! Apart from the beautiful aesthetics, the shredded paper acts as a cushion for the products to avoid breakage and shifting.


Add Greeting Cards

Tasty Snack Asia - Build A Gift Box - Greeting Cards


Send a personalized handwritten note with a greeting card! There's nothing better than receiving a heartfelt message from a friend or loved one. If your recipient is a memory hoarder, adding a greeting card is a requirement.

Looking for happy birthday, get well soon or a thank you cards to make the gift even more personal? Browse over 10 uniquely designed cards, suitable for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, farewells, mother’s day, father’s day, graduation and other important milestones. Insert your messages and we'll handwrite your messages to make your gift more personal.


Add Coloured Ribbons

Tasty Snack Asia - Build A Gift Box - Ribbons Singapore


A gift may seem incomplete without a pretty bow to steal the show. Choosing the colourful ribbon is sometimes just as fun as picking out the gift itself. Add the wow factor to your present and you're good to go.


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