Undiscovered Best Mooncakes For Corporate Gift You Should Get Your Hands On

It's the end of Q2 and the holiday season is vastly approaching. With the Mid-Autumn Festival falling on the 10th September 2022, it's definitely an occasion to kick off the year end festivities. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese and Vietnamese. During this time, many gather to have dinners and spend time to foster and maintain relationships with staff, clients, friends and family.

For mooncake lovers or those wondering where to get some as a gift for your MVPs and clients, we know the hunt for the best mooncake is real! Whether you favour the Snow Skin Mooncake or traditional mooncakes, we've compiled a list of these festive treats that is perfect for a corporate gift.


Hong Kong Mei-Xin Mooncakes

Tasty Snack Asia - Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncake Corporate Gift in Singapore - Hong Kong Mei Xin Mooncake

Hong Kong best selling mooncakes for 16 consecutive years are now available in Singapore. Now, you don't have to fly to Hong Kong to buy these mooncake as your premium corporate gift. Mei-Xin believes in details made perfection, the lotus paste was made with lotus seeds made out of the Trinal lotus 寸三莲, purchased from Hunan, China. The lotus paste is extremely fine, smooth and creamy to taste with a delicate fragrance. Apart from their lotus paste, there are more flavours available including Strawberry Crunch and Durian Mooncakes.


Gim Tim Restaurant 锦珍 Mooncakes

Tasty Snack Asia - Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncake Corporate Gift in Singapore - Gim Tim Mooncake

Founded in 1975, Gim Tim's highly anticipated mooncakes are one of the sought after mooncakes in Singapore. Handmade without any preservatives, these delectable mooncakes comes in the deep-fried teochew style yam mooncake with multi-layer pastry which encloses the fragrant filling of the sweet yam paste, and a traditional baked mooncake baked to a golden-brown hue lusciously filled with a variety of assorted nuts, making every bite as crunchy and savoury as it can get.


Lao Zi Hao Mooncakes

28 June - Tasty Snack Asia - Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncake Corporate Gift in Singapore - Lao Zi Hao Mooncake


Churning out 650,000 mooncakes a year for restaurants and hotels across Singapore, Lao Zi Hao are one of the best mooncakes you have to try, even featured on Michelin Guide. The mooncake-making process is very detailed and artisanal with precise measurements and carefully removed salted egg yolks by hand.


不言 Buyan Signature Crisps

Tasty Snack Asia - Mid-Autumn Festival - Mooncake Corporate Gift in Singapore - Bu Yan Signature Floral Crisps


Bù Yán is an oriental art of gentle living committed to a sustainable ecosystem. Their products are handcrafted from all natural premium ingredients nourished with natural nutrients with no refined sugar or artificial preservatives. Although it's no mooncake, these floral crisps are worth the mention for your corporate gift ideas. Each crisp is carefully crafted by hand using an intricate 8-step process, and ingredients are specially sourced and selected to reduce sugar and fat content while retaining its rich taste.


Beyond prospecting, gifting clients is an excellent way to improve your relationship with them. Take the opportunity to give your clients branded corporate gift this Mid-Autumn festival. Email us at askus@tastysnack.asia for the perfect gift for your clients or staff. Let us know your requirements be it vegan, gluten-free or halal mooncake our team at Tasty Snack will gladly assist.