Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Valentine's day comes around, and many people are stuck on what to buy for their special someone. Finding the perfect gift is always a challenge, as you want something that your loved one will appreciate and cherish, rather than just buying generic gifts like jewellery, chocolate or flowers.


While it may take some time and thoughtfulness to find something meaningful, it will be worth all the effort put in when done correctly. Try choosing a gift that allows for personalisation -- that way, it will feel more special for them and show them how much you truly care about making this unique for them.


Showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness while selecting from our top picks of Valentine's day gift boxes and snacks perfect for the special people in your life. Discover ideas that suit different budgets and personalities - no matter who the lucky recipient may be! Below are several gift boxes that are the perfect gift this valentines day for your loved one.


Campfire Smores Gift Box

Tasty Snack - Valentine Day Gift Ideas - Campfire Smores Gift Box


Surprise your special someone in life this Valentine's Day with an unforgettable gift to indulge their sweet tooth. This Snack Gift Box comes packed with gourmet treats like Rocky Mountain Marshmallow & Swiss Miss Rich Hot Cocoa, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Snack Bars that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


It's the perfect way to reward yourself or your loved one for a special day that won't soon be forgotten. Enjoying these sweet treats will make for an extra special Valentine's experience that they will never forget!


Inside this gift box, you will find a selection of delicious treats which every family can enjoy. Rocky Mountain Marshmallow (300g) is ideal for a bonfire treat or hot chocolate date. Swiss Miss Rich Hot Cocoa (10x28g) and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Snack Bar (180g) guarantee delicious delicacies no matter what your craving is. Along with Bahlsen Biscuits (104g), bamboo skewers (30cm/ 50pc) and a fire fuel jar, these treats are sure to bring smiles all around!


Drinking Swiss Miss Rich Hot Cocoa combined with eating Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Snack Bars is an amazing experience. The hot cocoa is rich and sweet, giving you a warm feeling inside, while the chocolate snack bars provide crunch and intense indulgence for your taste buds.


Combining these two items together makes for an unforgettable culinary experience - the bitterness of cocoa and the sweetness of the chocolate combine perfectly to give an explosion of flavour that is sure to please any chocoholic out there. The delightful mixture of flavours leaves its mark on your senses, leaving you wanting more each time you indulge.



Fruit For Thought (Vegan) Box

Tasty Snack - Valentine Day Gift Ideas - Fruit For Thought (vegan) Box


This small-size box contains a collection of fantastic snacks and beverages made with organic or all-natural ingredients without any nasties like high fructose syrup, artificial flavouring or trans fats.


With a selection of vegan snacks, there's something for everyone. Famous Soda Passionfruit Sparkling Soda (250ml) will sparkle up your day, filling it with tantalising taste and sweetness.


These treats are healthy but dosen't compromise on flavour, like the Amazin' Graze Tropical Superfood Trail Mix (30g), Osuda Banana Chips (20g), Biona Organic Vegan Tutti Frutti Gums (75g) or try something new like Kenzo Ancient Grain Dark Chocolate Clusters (12g).


Eating Osuda Banana Chips and Biona Organic Vegan Tutti Frutti Gums is an incredible experience. The chips are surprisingly sweet, salty, and crunchy all at the same time - it's a flavour combination that's hard to forget!


Meanwhile, the gums are delightfully fruity with flavours, a perfect treat for anyone looking for a vegan snack. Eating both together can make anyone feel happy, energised, and refreshed. They offer a unique combination of flavours that will satisfy the taste buds unforgettably.



Happy Hour Cocktail Gift Box

Tasty Snack - Valentine Day Gift Ideas - Happy Hour Cocktail Gift Box


This set of three different types of drinks will add some fun and excitement to your happy hour. Show off your bartender skills and mix up a signature drink with these delicious drink recipes for your special someone.


And don't forget the fancy bar snacks with this set - they'll provide the perfect accompaniment! With these top-notch ingredients, you can easily wow your loved one with your bartending know-how.


This great gift set includes a Cocktail Mixer Set in New York – three sachets of tantalising mixers to give your drinks that extra kick. Also featured are Olly's Sweet Chilli Pretzel Thins and Bitemeat's The Mighty Chilli Biltong to provide you with the perfect snacking experience as you sample a variety of fantastic cocktails.


To top it all off, this great gift box also cashews from East Bali Cashew's – Sweet & Spicy Cashew Nut to provide your taste buds with a whole host of fantastic flavours.


Having a cocktail while snacking on something unique and flavorful can enhance the experience and add a touch of texture and complexity to the occasion. Olly's Sweet Chilli Pretzel Thins provide a tantalising blend of sweet and spicy flavours, offering an unexpected delight with every bite.


Bitemeat's The Mighty Chilli Biltong offers an intense yet balanced heat, perfect for those looking for just enough of a kick. On the other hand, East Bali Cashews Sweet & Spicy Cashew Nut provides an indulgent sweetness that never fails to satiate one's craving. Having such snacks is guaranteed to make any cocktail hour even more exhilarating!



Gamers' Snack Box

Tasty Snack - Valentine Day Gift Ideas - Gamers' Snack Box


If your Valentine's date loves playing computer games, then the perfect gift awaits you! The Gamers' Snack Box by Tasty Snack is a delectable treat that will leave a lasting impression and make you their all-time favourite.


This box contains something for everyone: a Cha Sua rice cracker with roasted squid (90g), M&M's Crispy Chocolate Candies (34g), Biona Organic Vegan Jelly Dinos(75g), Olly's Salted Original Pretzel Thins (35g), and a Monster Energy Drink (355ml). So whether you're munching on the sweet treats or feeling the energising power of the energy drink, the Gamer's Snack Box by Tasty Snack has you covered!


With this box, you'll have all your gaming needs taken care of in one go. So pick up yours today and be ready to have a fabulous time while also enjoying some yummy snacks!


Eating Olly's Salted Original Pretzel Thins is a fantastic treat for the taste buds. Each crunchy bite yields an explosion of salty flavour that will satisfy your savoury cravings. The crunch of the thins makes them irresistible, simultaneously satisfying the need for something savoury and crunchy.


Plus, with just a few simple ingredients, each bite feels like it's been crafted with care by someone who understands how great savoury snacks should taste. Enjoy these unique thins as a snack, or use them in new recipes to craft delicious variations that let everyone indulge in salted pretzel goodness!





While store-bought chocolates and roses are always appreciated, why not go the extra mile this Valentine's Day with a unique gift that shows how much you care? The curated snack boxes above are the perfect way to show your valentines day just how sweet they are to you. So what are you waiting for? Order your Valentine's Day gift box today!