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Indulge in the taste of freshly harvested honeycomb and enjoy a unique and educational experience for your employees or visitors with this service. In addition to being a source of delicious honeycomb, it can also provide an opportunity to learn about beekeeping and the important role bees play in our ecosystem.

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Honeycomb Station

All our honey products come straight from our own bee farm, and every step of the process, from beekeeping to distribution is held to the highest standards to guarantee that our honey maintains its exceptional quality all the way to your table.

Include: Natural fresh honeycomb live station.
Full setup provided. Additional dipping snacks such as pretzels are available upon request.
Inclusive in package.

Requirement: Table and space required.

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Min. 2 hours


*Contact us for more details & customisations. Prices may vary.

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Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!

Have a project in mind? Submit your inquiry below and we will get back ASAP!


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