Tiptree - Clear Honey (340g) (6/carton)

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For over two centuries, the Wilkin family has tended the fertile lands of Tiptree, Essex, cultivating a legacy that began in 1757 and blossomed into exquisite preserves since 1885.

Nurtured amidst the lush landscape of our farm, we cultivate a diverse array of quintessential English fruits. These fruits form the heart and soul of our cherished conserves and condiments, all lovingly handcrafted within our nut-free factory nestled alongside the very fields they call home.

Our commitment to tradition and purity is unwavering. Our time-honored recipes, untouched by artificial colors and flavors, are the essence of authenticity. Each fruit is meticulously selected, prepared by skilled hands, and then lovingly cooked in small batches using the timeless artistry of copper-bottomed pans.

At Tiptree, our story is one of passion, heritage, and dedication to preserving the true taste of England's finest fruits, a tradition that has stood the test of time for generations.

Units per carton: 6