Isnack - Crispy TomYam Noodle Snack (30g) (120/carton)

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Tasty's Review:

These noodles are like little pieces of snacking magic! They've taken a crispy adventure in a hot tub of deep-fry delight, resulting in a texture that's not quite 'shatteringly crisp' like a potato chip, but oh-so-brittle that it unleashes a symphony of crunchiness with every bite.

What's even more exciting is that these noodle wonders come in perfectly bite-sized pieces. It's like they're whispering, 'Hey there, snacker, we're ready for you!' No more fussing with utensils – you can just pour these irresistible morsels straight into your mouth, right from the bag, for a snack-tastic experience that's out of this world. 


Contains wheat, soybean, shrimp and milk.


Halal Certified.

Unit per carton : 120