What If Foods - Barista Bamnut Milk (1L) (12/carton)

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Tasty's Review:

Bamnut Milk by What If Foods has no artificial sweeteners, stabilizers, artificial colors, emulsifiers, or preservatives.It contains complete protein that has all nine essential amino acids, which not many plants can compete with.
If you prefer nut-based milk over oat milk, you'll undoubtedly relish the delightfully nutty taste of Everyday Bamnut Milk Tea. When you indulge in a glass Everyday Bamnut Milk, you'll discover its creamy texture that is accompanied by a slight sweetness, making it utterly delectable. Not only does it pair well with plain oats or cornflakes, but it also harmonizes splendidly with a cup of coffee.


Contains nuts.


Unit per carton: 12