5 Father's Day Gift Ideas For Dads Under $50

You may have given the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Ask most people, and they'll tell you the dads in their life are really hard to shop for. While some never really want anything special or specific, others already seem to have everything a dad could need. But still, you can't let Father's Day pass without showing the papas in your life that you love and appreciate them. With Father's day following closely behind - June 19th, we totally get it if you're running out of Father's day gift ideas to live up to Mother's day's glory.

We've made things easier for you by rounding up ideas perfect for all types of dad. Whether you've got an outdoorsy dad, beer enthusiast or even an avid foodie. We've covered all corners and we're sure you'll find the perfect present in this round up.


For The Foodie Dad

 Tasty Snack Asia - Father's Day Gift Delivery Singapore - Dad Bod Gift Box

If your dad is a full fledged foodie, and loves to cook, snack and drink. Plus he's a tad bored of Singaporean snacks from supermarket aisle! Put together a series of snacks, food and beverages for him to try.

Browsing through the supermarket aisles and can't find a single snack that dad hasn't tried? Don't fret! We've curated a perfect Dad Bod Gift Box ($38) for a dad like yours. Filled with snacks from Thailand, Australia & Indonesia, and complete with alcohol-free beverages. We're sure he hasn't tried some of these snacks.


For The Beer Enthusiast Dad

Tasty Snack Asia - Father's Day Gift Delivery Singapore - Golden Road Brewery - Pineapple Cart.png

If your dad prefers a cold one and he has a secret stash of drinks in his mini bar fridge, you have a beer enthusiast dad. While your other siblings may give their boring Father's Day Gifts which includes a gift card or a wallet, select a range of beers and beverages for him to try. If you're feeling adventurous, mix him one instead.

Sure, you could win father's day with his usual six pack beer in hand. Why stop there? Go the extra mile and introduce a new, trendier and exciting brand and beer flavours. Enjoy Lost Coast's Tangerine White Ale ($4.50) and Golden Road Pineapple Cart ($5.50) sourced from California. That's one way to be crowned as Daddy's favourite. Shipping is free for orders above $35, that's a win for a father's day delivery.


For The Hiking Dad

Tasty Snack Asia - Father's Day Gift Delivery In Singapore- New Zealand Bitemeat - Tangy Pepper Biltong


Always have your weekend morning filled with a routine family hike? While you enjoy the prata that comes after more than the hike, you can't help but to notice that hiking is one of the activities your dad enjoys. For father's day prepare a trail mix accompanied with an isotonic drink and an itinerary for a Father's day hike.

Can't seem to find the right snacks for the trail mix on the eventful hike? We've got you covered. With a wide range of flavours and textures, there's something for dad at Tasty Snack. From Indonesia's Sweet & Spicy Cashew Nut by East Bali Cashew ($4.65), New Zealand's Apple Chips by Fruit Hitz ($3.20) to New Zealand's Tangy Pepper Biltong by Bitemeat ($7.20). Sourced globally, these snacks are great for hiking.


For The Workaholic Dad

Tasty Snack Asia - Father's Day Gift Delivery In Singapore - Seattle Gummy Company - Salted Caramel Chocolate Gummy


Have a hard working dad who loves his job? It might be a little challenging to find them an original present as you have overused the idea of a planner, work bag and stationeries as a gift. Every workaholic hates the thought of falling sick or even losing focus and energy at work. Your dad will appreciate a gift of health filled with vitamins and energy booster that can help him power through.

Gift your dad a specially curated gift box filled with thoughtful beverages and gummies to help your dad maintain his powerhouse persona. Include Gusto Super DC's Blood Orange Immune Support Beverage ($4.90) for an immunity boost and Seattle Gummy Company's Dark Chocolate Orange ($4.55) for a mid day energy booster.


For The Tech Dad

Tasty Snack Asia - Father's Day Gift Delivery In Singapore - Wireless Charging Station.png

Is your dad's home a smart home or does he own a smartwatch, a wireless earphone or even know what is an 'NFT'? If you answered "YES", you might have got yourself a tech dad. His father's day gift might normally come with a hefty budget but let's bust that myth. At this rate, he has every device imaginable, the perfect gift for him will be a wireless charging station (from $10).

While you might think that you've exhausted all the gift ideas Singapore has to offer. The possibilities are endless here at Tasty Snack. Complete your Father's day with a range of unique snacks and trendy beverages sourced globally to put a smile on daddy's face.