How To Develop Employee Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs have become a popular and reputable method to improve companies’ productivity. The programs refer to a collection of initiatives or activities in an organization to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. A successful  employee wellness program can positively impact an employee's productivity, health and boost a positive work environment.


Why Employee Wellness Program Is Important?

Healthier employees tend to be more productive in the workplace because they're more rested, energized, and motivated to complete their work to the best of their abilities.

Employees can be more focused on maintaining healthy behaviors by participating in wellness programs in the workplace. For example the exercise which is shown to improve sleep and increase productivity in the workplace.

When employees work well as part of a team, they become more productive and the quality of their work also improves. Since teamwork generally results in better collaboration and the development of more innovative ideas, they also tend to be more creative.

Beside that, taking part in wellness activities outside of the workplace like outbound or employee gathering can also help with team bonding, which improves communication and collaboration in the workplace.


How To Develop Employee Wellness Programs

Two male employee having a discussion at the office

There are few steps you can do to develop employee wellness programs, including: 

1. Get Management Commitment

Additionally, support from leaders will inspire others to join in and take the program seriously. Ask for input from employees before getting your program off the ground. This will help them feel connected and engaged with the program.

Select a committed group of workers to help explore and discuss options and further action after it. Rotating committee can be considered so you can move the programs into new directions and fresh ideas.

2. Collect Data

Predict what action that company will do with the data such as claim costs, attendance records, employee demographics, health trends. Those data can help you predict the best for your employees and company.

Look at some of the most common health issues between your employees as a starting point, for example tobacco use for smokers and obesity. As a consideration, you can provide healthy and halal treats from Tasty Snack for everyone!

3. Develop a Plan

You can develop a goal by create a budget, objectives, timeline, and responsibilities of each member. Don't forget to decide how you’ll measure results. This is important to improve and evaluate the programs so you can adjust it with what employees need in the future. You may need to adapt or switch priorities if requests and experience indicate that a different focus is needed.

3. Choose Actions

Set a plan that balances employee needs with what they want. Make sure if the programs will support employees physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, or financially. Select an action for each priority based on the plan that you developed before.

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4. Evaluate & Modify

Regularly evaluate your program to see what’s working or what’s not, then make changes appropriately. Look to your employees for feedback on possible changes or adjustments when needed.

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