12 Asian Snacks That'll Transport You Without A Passport

As the largest and most dense part of the world, Asia is very well known for its cultural diversity. And many who have travelled around the globe must agree that snacks are the easiest and the most fun way to experience another's culture.

Asia offers you a vast variety of cuisines, each with distinct characteristics. This variety extends to Asian snacks that offer exotic flavours. In this guide, we will take you on an exciting Asian snacking trip that will transport you around Asia without a passport! We have included the best sweet, savoury, and spicy nibbles in this list that we think you should try to get a taste of Asia at home!


1. Japanese Kit Kat

Japanese Kit Kat with variety of flavors

Chocolate lovers must already familiar with Kit Kat chocolate bar that comes in a few options of flavours such as milk, dark, and white chocolate. But these Japanese Kit Kat will surely take your chocolate game to another level! Japanese Kit Kat has a lot more unique and interesting flavours that will expand your chocolate horizon including banana caramel, pudding, peach, cookie cream, strawberry milk, and dark green tea as the most favourite one!


2. Pocky

Pocky Strawberry Flavour and Chocolate Flavour

Did you know that Pocky is so popular in Japan that it has its own holiday? In Japan, November 11th is National Pocky Day where everybody is supposed to gift Pocky to each other because the sticks resemble the number one.  

First sold in 1966, these biscuit sticks are popular not just in Japan but also in other Asian countries and the rest of the world! Originally available in chocolate, these thin biscuits now come in various flavours including strawberry, almond, milk, coconut, honey, matcha, banana, and many more.


3. Choco-Pie

Choco Pie snack served on white plate

For those who ride the K-wave and are looking for Korean snacks, Orion Choco-Pie is definitely a must-try. Choco-pie is an Asian version of the American moon pie of s'more that originated from South Korea. It is made of two fluffy biscuits coated in chocolate with marshmallow filling. Nowadays, they've expanded with new flavours like matcha and banana.


4. Thai Lays

Lays 2in1 Grilled Shrimps with Seafood Sauce Potato Chips

This legendary chip brand is popular all over the world, but no other country has embraced Lay’s and explored its flavor possibilities like Thailand does! Lay’s company branch in Thailand has rolled out a variety of flavours reflecting the tastes and trends of Southeast Asia such as spicy Korean Ramen, salted egg yolk, and grilled shrimp with seafood sauce flavoured potato chips. Sounds interesting, right?


5. Rice Crackers

Rice crackers stacked on top of each other

Rice is a staple in many Asian households, it even comes as a snack! Rice crackers are Asian snacks that are known for their crunchy texture and addictive seasoning powder that will make you lick your fingers.



Tteokbokki served on a plastic covered white plate

Tteokbokki are Korean spicy rice cakes that will stimulate your taste buds passionately with their intense taste brought about by a large amount of tongue-burning chili sauce. The spicy flavor may discourage certain people at first bite, but once you get used to it, you will get hopelessly hooked on this snack!


7. Shrimp Chips

Ooh - Shrimp Crackers (70g)


Shrimp chips and crackers are one of Southeast Asia's favourites! This puffed snack has a similar texture as Cheetos, but with a taste of the ocean that will make your mouth water. Be prepared for the addictive umami flavour on your first bite!


8. Irvins Salted Egg Chips

Irvins Salted Egg Chips

Now this is the snack that Singaporeans are definitely familiar with. Irvins Salted Egg Chips was first introduced by Irvins Restaurant in 2008 which is famously known for its signature salted egg crab dish. They then began experimenting with snacks in 2014, by combining his signature salted egg sauce with potato chips and fish skin which has now become an instant hit in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries!


9. Dried Seaweed

A stack of dried seaweed served on white plate

Dried or roasted seaweed sheets are not just ingredients in Asian cuisines. They’re also awesome as snacks! Commonly found in Japan, Korea, Thailand and China, dried seaweed sheets are crispy, slightly salted (but can also come in other flavours), savoury, and rich in nutrients.


10. Hi-Chew

Hi-chew gummy candies with green apple, strawberry, and grape flavours

Hi-Chew is one of the most iconic Asian gummy candies. As these candies are named, it is a chewy and fruity flavoured candy that comes in a soft rectangular shape with a white outer layer and colored fruity layer in the centre. These candies that originated from Japan are available in many fruity flavours including mango, apple, and cherry. Which one is your favourite?


11. Bungeoppang/Taiyaki

Bungeoppang/Taiyaki on toaster

This sweet dessert has been known by different names in many countries. Koreans know it as "Bungeoppang" while in Japan they call it "taiyaki". Basically it is a fish-shaped pastry that is usually filled with red bean paste.

Taiyaki has now become so popular that it is now served as desserts around the world in bakeries and cafes, sometimes even with ice cream inside.


12. Mala Chips

Variety of mala snacks from Ooh

Mala is a spicy and numbing Chinese seasoning made from Sichuan peppercorn and chilli. In Chinese, mala simply means numbing (ma) and spicy (la), which is an exact sensation that your lip and tongue will experience after you eat it.

Although it originated from China, mala has been a craze all over Southeast Asia, especially Singapore, for its interesting sensory experience that Asians clearly enjoy!

Now, there are lots of different variations of mala flavoured snacks for you to try such as Mala Fish Skin, Mala Chips, and even mala flavoured seaweed!

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