Karen's Diner Is Finally In Singapore

Tasty Snack Asia - Karen's Diner in Singapore - Burger and restaurant menu


Known for their rude service and bussin burgers, TikTok-famous diner, Karen's Diner, is coming to Singapore. The first ever Karen's Diner in Asia is set to open a pop-up restaurant in Singapore. While the location and date have yet to be released yet, you'll be sure to get a taste of the worst customer service until May 31, 2023.



You might be wondering why Karen? "Karen" is a popularised term which typically refers to an entitled, angry and rude woman. Hence, the name Karen's Diner. So don't be a Karen and ask for a discount just because your name is Karen. 


Apart from being the world's rudest diner, the food served are known to be the polar opposite. With more than 10 different handcrafted burgers in their menu, all named after Karen and her famous quotes. Get ready to be served by Karens and this time, even the manager won't be able to help you.



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