10 Office Healthy Snack Recommendations to Boost Your Productivity at Work!

Welcome back to the office! Getting back to the groove in the office can be challenging especially when you’re overwhelmed with tight deadlines and workload. While you reach out to your office pantry for the charge of energy or inspiration boost, pay close attention to the nutritional value of the snack. Can’t find a healthy one? Don’t fret! Tasty Snack recommends some healthy snacks for work that you should always have on your desk.

Benefit of Healthy Snacking During Work

Happiness and a healthy body is proven to lead to improved productivity. While investing in office healthy snacks for work is a good move, it can be harmful too. Based on a study by Brigham Young University, 66% of employees with bad eating hobbies are more likely to report productivity losses.


Healthy Snacks Recommendation


1. Faba Beans Pizza Flavour by Human Bean Co.

Pizza Flavoured Faba Beans (160g) by Human Bean Co

Finding healthy snacks for work at the office is not always easy. Especially when you are busy and have no time to learn about what you eat. The light textured  and pizza flavoured Faba Beans from Human Bean Co are the right option for you who want to snack easily. It contains protein and fibre so it will be good for your digestion.


2. Natural Baked Superfood by Gretel  

Natural Baked Superfood (50g) by Gretel

Have you ever tried sprouted nuts? No? Then try sprouted nuts from Gretel! The raw nuts are soaked in water for 3 - 12 hours until they begin to germinate. The peanuts that have been soaked until they begin to germinate. The peanuts that have been spouted are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and B vitamins.


3. Mini Digestive Biscuits - Orion


Mini Digestive Biscuits (80g) - Orion

A small tiny biscuit with chocolate cream in the middle makes this mini biscuit from Orion fit in one bite of your mouth. Mini biscuits from Orion are low in calories, so it's suitable for those on diet programs and also vegetarian-friendly!


4. Crispy Grape -  Greenday

Crispy Grape (18g) - Greenday

Freshly picked dried grapes from Greenday can be consumed during work as a snack or mixed with granola at breakfast. It's certified halal, so Crispy Grape from Greenday is perfect  for Muslims.


5. Himalayan Water Lily Pops Pink Salt - Zenko


Himalayan Water Lily Pops Pink Salt (28g) - Zenko

Made from 100% water lily with Himalayan salt, pops from Zenko brings you a delicious collision of popcorn and corn puffs texture in your mouth. Himalayan salt contains minerals and is complete with health benefits. So, if you need a unique snack that you have never seen before, then Himalayan Water Lily Pops from Zenko would be a great choice.


6. Dark Chocolate Orange Mocca Shots - Seattle Gummy Company


Dark Chocolate Orange Mocca Shots (14g) - Seattle Gummy Company

Have you ever felt unmotivated or do your eyes feel heavy during work? You can try mocca shots from Seattle Gummy Company with 100 mg caffeine which is equivalent to a regular cup of coffee. You can chew it without worrying about the calories because it's sugar-free and only contains 5 calories!


7. Raspberry Flavoured Frogs - Funday


Raspberry Flavoured Frogs (50g) - Funday

Another option for you who love sweets with cute shaped candies. Raspberry flavored gummy from Funday is the right guilt-free decision for you who love sweets. Plant-based and no sugar added! You can pick it as your daily treat to cheer up your mood after a long meeting.


8. The Nah Yeah Nippers Sweet Salty Nut Mix - Sesh Snacks

The Nah Yeah Nippers Sweet Salty Nut Mix (130g) - Sesh Snacks

 Sesh snacks offer you a mix of nuts and mini pretzels with savory and sweet taste. You will be surprised by how tasty it is! So, it will be the right option to put it in the pantry so everyone can try it.


9. Peanut Butter Protein Bar - RX Bar  

Peanut Butter Protein Bar (52g) - RX Bar

Peanut butter, dates, dried egg whites, cashews, almonds, chocolate, and sea salt combine into one single protein bar. No need to feel guilt when you enjoy this protein bar from RX! Because it's gluten-free, halal and vegetarian-friendly. For you who regularly train at the gym after work, it also would be a great companion. 


10. Organic Sundried Apricots - Naked


Organic Sundried Apricots (200g) - Naked

Apricots are known as a source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and fibre. Organic Sundried Apricots from Naked are 100% organic, halal, vegan and gluten-free. It tastes natural and plump so it will be good for your health.

Need more healthy snacks to accompany you during work? Find out more at Tasty Snack! You can choose between salty chips or sweet cookies, it's up to you! You will get the best healthy snack right in front of your door by Tasty Snack’s delivery services!

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