20 Graduation Gift Ideas For Your Friends

Have friends or family members who are graduating anytime soon? Graduation is a special moment that should be celebrated after all the hard work the graduates have gone through and the accomplishments that they’ve achieved. While simple “congratulation” and a flower bouquet may suffice, why stop there? You need better graduation gift ideas for friends and family so it will be more personal and memorable.

If you'd like to help them reminisce about their milestone  and support them to keep the focus on what's ahead after graduation, allow Tasty Snack to help you with the graduation gift ideas!

1. Snack Box

Snack gift box from tasty snack

Everyone loves snacks, so do your friends. They would be extremely delighted if you send them some mouthwatering treats. For example, you can give a Tasty Snack pre-curated snack gift box. You can also build a customisation snack box and add a handwritten message to make it more personal. Those snacks will accompany them while seeking a job as fresh grads.


2. Customise Mug

Customised Mug

You might wonder why a customised mug is better than an ordinary mug. The designs of ordinary mugs that are available are too “basic”. But if you choose the customised mug, you can design it based on your friend's personality so your friend are able to relate with it more. You can put any memorable silly pic of them or quotes.


3. Plushie

Teddy bear graduation plushie

Substitute  the flower bouquet that will only last for 2 weeks with a longer lasting gift, for example an adorable plushie with graduate stuff as a decoration. Usually, a bear plushie is used as a graduation present, but you can also choose another cute plushie  available  out there.


4. Photo Session At Studio

Graduation photo

Self-portrait studios aren't only for couples. A good graduation gift is to bring your buddy and their graduation dress to a self-photo studio. Most studios provide 15 minutes of unlimited shooting time as well as a few hard and digital copies. You will also have complete privacy when the photographer shoots your pictures. So don't be afraid, go crazy with the poses!


5. Personalise Custom Lego

Custom lego with various profession

Lego is a toy that every kid loves. But, do you know that these bricks of lego can be arranged into a customisable personal figure? Give your friend personalised custom lego that suitable with their personality, degree, or future job such as a dentist or lawyer.  Everyone must feel excited when they find something that is relatable. It will be the most unique graduation gift for your friends! 


6. Self Development Book

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck book product page

After graduation, your friend needs to prepare plans for their future. Post-graduation is a great time to start thinking about life’s biggest questions. Your friend might need to read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.

This book talks about how to quit trying to be "positive" all of the time in order to genuinely become better, happier people. Manson does not sugarcoat the words. He says it like it is, providing a dose of raw, refreshing, and honest truth that is sorely missed in today's generation.


7. e-Coupon For Snack

Red mail envelope

You might have no idea what kind of snack that your friend loves or they can enjoy savely. So, better let them decide which treat that they want. An e-Coupon from Tasty Snack is a perfect gift for your friend.

You can set a minimum budget, and then your friends as an e-coupon recipient can go on a shopping spree with no minimum quantity. They will not run out of options. Contact us askus@tastysnack.asia for more information! 


8. Photo Collage

Photo collage

There are so many experiences from college life, both happy and sad. Still, we should cherish those times as a part of our lives. Your buddy will remember how valuable your friendship with them is if you give them a photo collage. This photo collage could be a collection of silly or impressive events pics. Include it with a photo frame so they can put it on the desk.


9. Wall Art

Quotes on wall art

Seeking a job after graduation can be stressful due a rejection, awkward interview, or getting ghosted by HR teams. Obviously, your friend needs motivation in order to get their dream job. A wall art with motivational quotes is a great present. Everytime they feel really tired, they can look at this wall art and remember how long the journey still goes on. 


10. Travel Kit

Bathroom supplies travel kit

So your friend recently graduated from college and is about to take the next step in transitioning from a student to a professional. Some people decide to travel around after graduation to relax for a while before starting to take a role as a part of society. Hence, your pal may need a travel kit to accompany them. Choose a simple designed travel kit so it will be easier to bring everywhere.


11. Watch

Analogue wrist watch inside box display

Let's face it: most of us check the time on our phones. However, nothing completes an outfit like a watch. Watches are modern-day accessories that are most typically worn on the wrist to complement a fashion trend. Giving your buddy a watch as a graduation present might be useful for women who are just starting to work in society.


12. Perfume

Bottled perfume

The ideal graduation gift is classy and timeless, one of them is perfume. The perfect fragrance creates a compelling experience for the person as well as others around them. Besides, scents are unforgettable and are frequently connected with certain times in time. So having a special graduation perfume is the ideal way to celebrate the milestone as your friend takes the next step in life.


13. Weighted Blanket

Gray weighted blanket

We all know that college life sometimes could be really hard with lack of sleep or even bad dreams about deadlines and post traumatic break-up. Getting your pal a weighted blanket is another approach to improve their rest. Weighted blanket is designed to feel like a giant hug and will undoubtedly provide them with a nice night's sleep. This item might be really useful, especially if your friend is new to the work industry.


14. Karaoke Set

Portable karaoke set product page

Do you miss going to karaoke? You and a friend can now sing in the comfort and privacy at home. This karaoke set is easily portable to your bestie's place for a fun night of shouting out anything. We recommend you to try Divoom Fairy-OK Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone Karaoke with 90's stereo boombox looks and compact cute petite-sized!


15. Sushi Dinner

Rolled sushi on plate

Who doesn't love food? A happy stomach full of delicious sushi is a great idea for a graduation gift. Since booking a flight to Japan is quite expensive and there are still several travel restrictions due to coronavirus, Sushi Airways is a comforting alternative place to enjoy sushi together with your friend.


16. Running Shoes

Pink women running shoes

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. It can be started with a simple habit like a small jog in the morning. A pair of running shoes would help your friend to keep fit. If this behaviour continues, your friend's healthy condition will allow them to work more successfully.


17. Skincare Set

Various skincare set

College life can be really stressful because of the tight deadline. Did you know that stress also triggers pimples and makes your skin look dull? A skincare set that contains body lotion, sunscreen, etc will pamper your friend!  Then, your friend is ready to kicking another job interview with a bright face.


18. Scented Candle

Scented candle standing on books

Your bestie needs to chill and take a break while still applying for a job.  A scented candle is a absolut great gift to glow-up-phase after graduation! When they use this scented candle, they can be more relaxed from the aroma of the candles. It seems like  “smells like a sweet success” in the future.


19. Portable Speaker

Black portable bluetooth wireless speaker on a desk

A portable, sturdy, and waterproof wireless bluetooth speaker will be a perfect present for college grads as they go on to larger and better things and may have to start travelling and commuting more frequently. This portable speaker is the ultimate useful gear that your pal never expect. It can be used for a yoga session or just play the favourite music.


20. Supplement

Supplement drink with nutritional value

We are still in the middle of the post pandemic era and need support from supplements to protect our health. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the supplement kit includes daily essential vitamins for both men and women. You can be fit even during a hectic schedule such as preparing for the next interview or writing a new resume.


That's it! Which one do you prefer? Hope our graduation gift ideas for friends' recommendations will help you! If you are looking for a snack that can be enjoyed with your friend, Tasty Snack will help you with many varieties of delicious treats. Browse more snacks with us and pick your favourite! Our delivery service will deliver your snack gift box and it will arrive  within 2 working days.