What Your Favourite Snack Says About Your Personality

Getting to know someone or just want to know more about yourself? Did you know that your favourite snack can signal your personality? Taking the phrase "you are what you eat" to a whole new level. Always stocking up on healthy snacks like dried fruits, granola or halal snacks like tempeh chips and emping chips? You have found yourself a favourite snack.

Since there appears to be some correlation between the snacks you enjoy and your personality, let's figure out which snacks describe you!



Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Personality - Chips - Yum - Tempe Chips


Know someone who can't resist the addictive crunch of potato chips? You might notice that they are highly competitive. Many top CEOs are known to reach out for those salty and crispy chips over other snacks. Chip lovers are ambitious and high-achievers who succeed in both their work and personal life.

Personality traits: Success-driven, impatient and competitive

If you're looking for some chips to munch on, we highly recommend Yum's Tempe Chips. With no preservatives, high in protein and within 100 calories per servings, this flavourful snack will satisfy your cravings without hurting your diet plan! Trust us, it's one of the best tempeh chips Indonesia has to offer.



Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Personality - Gummies - Funday - Raspberry Flavoured Gummy Frogs

Gummies are packed with flavours, from sweet to sour there's a bit of everything in a bite. If gummies are someone’s popular snack choice, they are probably overwhelmed. Studies show that if you like sour food, you tend to have high standards, but if you combine sour with sweet, you are able to return balance to your life.

Personality traits: Steady, well-balanced and conflicted

If you love chewing on gummies, this one's for you. Enjoy Funday's Raspberry Flavoured Frogs bursting with juicy raspberry flavour! Made with real food ingredients and gut-loving probiotic fibre, their red raspberry frogs are a guilt-free treat your taste buds will love.



Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Personality - Fruits - Greenday - Crispy Strawberry


Fruits are delicious in any for, whether fresh, dried or juiced. Fruit lovers are found to be loving, trustworthy, and happy people. Versus other snack foodies, you can chat with them for hours and count your secrets safe with them.

Personality traits: Loving, trustworthy and positive

Have you seen a whole freeze-dried strawberry fruit? These might amaze you. You can taste the sweetness and the tartness of the high-quality fruit in Greenday's Crispy Strawberry. Snacking healthy has never been so delicious for the entire family.



Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Personality - Cheese - Forager - Freeze Dried Cheese


While you might equate a cheese lover to having a cheesy personality, that's not necessarily the case. Cheese goers were found to thrive with organisation and order. They are known to uphold their integrity with specific values and morals.

Personality traits: Ethical, conscientious, prim and proper

Forager Foods Freeze-dried Cheese is perfect for a personality of a cheese lover. With cheese purchased from the local farmers, processed, dried and packaged and made into a delicatessen to be shared with the rest of the world.


Dark Chocolate

Tasty Snack Asia - Snack Personality - Chocolate - Krakokoa - Arenga 60 Dark Chocolate


People who enjoy the taste of dark chocolates are perceived to be mature. They enjoy social activities and are straightforward. You can count on them for spontaneous activities because they're highly adaptable.

Personality traits: Friendly, straightforward and adaptable.

If you are a dark chocolate lover, Krakakoa's Arenga 60% Dark Chocolate is for you. This 60% arenga dark chocolate is a complex bar with robust natural acidity of fermented cocoa and complex earthy aromas.


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