10 Game Changing Halal Sweet Treats You Can't Miss

Everybody loves sweets because it lifts our spirits. However, finding sweets that are suitable for specific diets can often be a challenge. For example, Muslims follow a Halal diet that will make certain types of food and ingredients off-limits to them.

Worry no more! Tasty Snack will help you to discover some of the best Halal sweet options available with this article!

What are Halal Sweets?

Sweets that contain gelatine from some type of animal are forbidden to eat or might be referred to as 'Haram' food in Arabic unless certified ‘Halal’. Food can either be Halal, which translates as ‘permissible’ in Arabic, or Haram, which translates as ‘forbidden’.

You can find more information check out the full definition of Halal foods from the Halal Monitoring Committee in Singapore.


10 Tastiest Halal Certified Sweets Treats


1. Oreo

Stacks of oreo on wooden table

These crunchy chocolate cookies filled with vanilla cream are one of the most popular sweets around the globe. And the good news is, it’s Halal certified so it’s perfect for our Muslim friends!


2. Garden Premium Wafer

Garden Cream Wafers Chocolate Flavoured (300g)

Beautifully wrapped and elegantly presented, these premium wafers that come in two flavours (chocolate & strawberry) from Hong Kong are a great gifting option for your family and friends. You can have them for an after-meal treat, or simply enjoy some for a snack between your meals!


3. Tyu Dried Fruit

Tyu - Kiwi Dried Fruit (30g)

Dried fuit is a healthy sweets option for school, work, home, and anywhere else! Tyu Dried Fruit is made with fruit that has been preserved by being dried, and since it doesn’t contain any additional sugar and preservatives, you can be sure that it is Halal.


4. Undercover Crispy Quinoa

Undercover - Milk Chocolate And Currents Crispy Quinoa (7g)

The combination of crunchy quinoa and delightful milk chocolate makes Undercover Crispy Quinoa become a perfect sweet and healthy indulgent snack for you! Undercover Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crisps are made with only two ingredients: crispy quinoa and chocolate, so not only is this sweet Halal, it is also gluten free and a perfect vegetarian snack!


5. Pepero Stick

Lotte - Chocolate Pepero Stick (32g)

If you are a Pocky lover, this one is a must-try for you! Pepero Stick is one of the most popular treats in Korea that has its own holiday (November 11th)! Pepero is a thin crispy cookie coated in smooth chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds for added flavour and texture.


6. Quaker Oats Raisin Oatmeal Cookies

Quaker - Oatmeal Cookies Raisin

Introducing the best chip oat cookies! Quaker Oats Raisin Oatmeal Cookies are part of that classic bunch of cookies that every cookie monster should try! Even though they contain no chocolate and are packed full of ingredients that most children would make faces instead, you will be amazed by its taste!


7. Snap Snap Butter Cookies

Snap - Milky Cereal Butter Cookies (160g)

When it comes to butter cookies, no one does it “butter” than Snap Snap. These irresistible cookies come in a variety of fun flavours such as Milky Cereal, Creamy Coffee, Chocolate and Cocoa Dinosaur. Snap Snap Butter Cookies are a perfect sweet nibble for your school lunch boxes, afternoon tea or for munching while you’re on the go!


8. Krakoa Dark Chocolate

Krakakoa - Arenga 60 Dark Chocolate (50g)

Krakoa is a chocolate bar brand from Indonesia, which is the third largest cocoa producer country in the world! Krakoa Dark Chocolate bars are made with organically-grown chocolate beans sourced from small farms that practise sustainable farming methods, resulting in a complex chocolate bar with robust natural acidity of fermented cocoa and complex earthy aromas.


9. Dans Dark Chocolate Brownie

Dan_s - Dark Chocolate Brownies (80G)

Dan’s Dark Chocolate Brownie is Singapore's 1st Brownie chips. Imagine a combination of classic dark chocolate brownie with a creative crispy twist to it. There are no preservatives and it is made from real chocolate. What is there not to like?


10. Amazin Graze Brownie Chips

Amazin Graze - Dark Chocolate Brownie Chips (30g)

Thin layers of cocoa goodness baked into perfection, sprinkled with almond flakes, chia seeds, and coconut shreds will make you never feel guilty snacking on brownies or chocolate anymore.

Amazon Graze Brownie Chips are made with only natural ingredients, without any refined sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients. And it's Halal certified too!

Those are our top 10 tastiest halal sweets for snackmates who follow a Halal diet! Explore more Halal goodies from our Halal snacks categories!